Craving a good stretch massage after a long day of work or running errands? Enjoy the luxury of spa-quality massage in the comfort of your own home with Rigoros’ Air Stretching Massager Mat that helps you stretch your body and ease tight muscles all at once! What’s really great about this smart Stretching Massager Mat is that it stimulates actual stretching movements that loosens tight muscles, releases tension, and helps you feel more relaxed and energized!

The Air Stretching Massager Mat offers 4 stretching modes to choose from as well as three different intensity levels (light, medium, and high) that perfectly suit your needs. Whether you need to stretch your waist, neck, back or pelvis, the smart Stretching Massager Mat enables you to switch between the stretching modes with ease through its handy remote control. When you finish stretching, use the Massage mode as a wrap-up to relieve muscular tension, and improve the circulation of the blood all over your body.

Additional Information

Size: 120 * 60 * 10/2 (cm)

Weight: 5.5Kg

Rated Voltage, Power Consumption, and Energy Consumption Efficiency Rating (Limited to Mandatory Products under the Energy Use Rationalization Act): 220V, 60Hz, DC 12V 2A / 24W


  • Stretching
  • Massaging
  • Remote Control Operated

Three Intensity levels (Light, Medium, and High) That Perfectly Suit your Needs

  • Foldable / Portable

Three-Stage Folding Design for Easy Storage. It Also Has a Locking Zipper and Handle That Makes it Easy to Carry

Stretching Function Modes:

P1 – Neck Stretching

P2 – Waist Stretching

P3 – Back Stretching

P4 – Pelvis Stretching

***When you finish stretching, use massage mode to relieve the fatigue of the day!

Massage Function Modes:

  1. Adjustable Neck Massage

– The Neck Massage Can be Adjusted up to 27 cm Up & Down, Making it Possible to Massage According to the User’s Height

  1. Shoulder & Back Massage
  2. Waist & Pelvic Massage